Dear Dark Journal... A Monsterhearts Drama - Episode 4 - You're all invited

“Dear Journal, I am at a party.  I think Rosalyn may be a hot vampire.  It may the fangs, it may be the fact that she doesn’t know any colour combinations… she’s wearing colours that is three years out of date…” - The Dark Journal of Christian A. Christ IV

It’s the party we’ve all been waiting for.  The final chapter of the Terrible Warriors take on the world of Monsterhearts.  Lexi and Adam have been captured by Tristan and Rosalyn and are brought to meet a shadowy figure.  Chris lies broken in his home wondering what to do next.  Ping is still sleeping in the forest.  Spoiler alert, this episode gets violent.

Join the Master of Ceremonies, Justin Ecock, and the Terrible Players Julian Spillane, Bre Poisonne, Shane Baelish, the sleeping Alex James, Mags Storey and Steve Saylor in the final installment of our Monsterhearts drama.

Terrible Warriors:

Justin Ecock Steve Saylor Julian Spillane Bre Poisonne Shane Baelish Mags Alex James