Campaign Description:

In a world where a mutagen bomb desolated the land and mutated mankinds DNA with the DNA of animals, the world is struck with a massive disease where animal/human hybrids now must live a Post-Apocalyptic life. Every mutant has to survive at any cost. Some live life as best as they can within small communities, others live for the bigger lifestyle. There is even a legend of a Gang of Four hiding in Gatorland surviving on their own terms. While others must fight to survive and fight for the little guy, but when Plan A call Plan B. Plan B Solutions that is. In this new series, our Terrible Warriors, Steve, Erika, Brad, Julian and Brendan are Plan B Solutions, mercenaries for hire. With Justin as our GM, in our first episode, Plan B is literally chasing down a job that only with the help of Gravedigger do they have any chance of completing. Listen to find out what happens!.

GM: Justin Ecock

Players: Steve Saylor, Erika Szabo, Brad, Julian Spillane, Brendan Frye

Location: Toronto

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